Transition Post

I don't know what to say.

Really, I don't.

So maybe I won't. Maybe I will just share pictures instead. Pictures are like words. Kind of. 






I've been doing something with my life that I'm excited about. I've been creating. Every day.

I've started an etsy shop that I'm super excited but also extremely nervous about.

I received a new and lovely camera for Christmas and I challenged myself to the Breezy Challenge: Try to be creative with photos once a day. Take a picture that isn't posed. Take ugly pictures. Take real life pictures, of messy rooms and unkempt husband beards and creations and things that make you happy. Try once a day.

And all of this creating got me thinking...

That I needed a place to collectively put it all.

So I defaulted back to this place. The place of online words. 

So I reverted most of my old blog posts back to drafts and decided to start over.

your old friend,

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