Two Dozen


Brian took me to Portland on the day before my birthday and it was fabulous! We did a snippet of all of my favorite things and I truly felt spoiled.

Coffee. Books. New outfits that make you feel like a badass. Pestofriedchicken. French fries. Happy hour beer. New music. Great talks. Aimless wanderings in the pouring rain. Movie theaters.

Ending with a crazy, stormy midnight drive home.


It was all in all quite lovely.

On the unfortunate side of things, my portrait camera lens stopped working.
While we were on our trip. Quite the bummer.
I am now left with taking pictures with the only other lens that I have... the landscape one.
It is extremely difficult to use and I feel completely inadequate.

Hopefully it won't be a difficult fix and the warranty will cover it with no problems.

DSC_0020 (2)

For now, pictures are quite a bit more challenging.

Also, I think I'm caught up with pictures now.

Also, I got so many things for my birthday that will feed the creativity. Lots of creative books. Lots of ideas. Lots of inspiration. Happy.

All the love,

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