Today is Friday February 14th, 2014, and I did not post a creative photo yesterday.

"What's that?" you say, "Who cares?" you say, "One day isn't a big deal!" you say.

And to you I reply, "Yes it is. It is a big deal to me. I started doing this because I wanted to challenge myself. Every day. Not most days but every day." And I just realized that I was still typing in that little chat quotations thing.

If you know me hardly at all you know that I am going to over-analyze this. I will blow it completely out of proportion. It's what I do.

But first, let me tell you why I did not take a creative photo yesterday, and why I've been letting myself slack.

I started a new job yesterday.

"What's that?" you say, "Didn't you just say how much you loved doing your own thing, not having a conventional job?"

And to you I reply, "Yes. But wait! This job is different to me!"

You see, I am now a math tutor, 2 days a week, for 4-5 hours a day. Which is awesome.
This amount of time still leaves me with tons of time to do what I'm already doing. I am still working super hard on creating things for etsy with the hopes that that can be my main sort of income.
Also, I love math. I always have. So yay for jumping back into a skill that I haven't used in years.
Also, I love kids. I always have. And the kids I'm working with are awesome.
Also, this job allows me a little bit of wiggle room financially speaking. If one month etsy doesn't do so well, then I will have a bit of something to fall back on.

So, what I'm trying to say is that I'm super excited for this opportunity. It feels like a really good fit for me right now, where I'm at.

However, I am not used to having a real job. I got spoiled in these last... what? 11 months? Holy shit, has it been that long? Yes. Yes it has. And having a real job, even a small one, was a bit much all at once. It happened really fast and I completely lost yesterday (hence my not having a creative photo).

So. I have another idea.

I want to propose this idea to the people who are coming along on this creative journey with me. I would like to implement a new challenge for if I miss a challenge.

If I miss a day, for whatever reason, one or both of you (or maybe you alternate) should challenge me to a special-make-up-for-slacking-photo. Maybe you think of a tricky subject or a theme you want me to capture. Or maybe you just have a really cool idea for a photo and you want to see me try it. It can be simple or complex. Specific or vague. Whatever. And I think I should have one week to take the said challenge photo on top of my daily photos.

What do you think?

Ok. With all that said, here is today's picture:

Your valentine,

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