Extra Challenge

So because I missed a day for the challenge that I created for myself, I asked my sister and Pamela to give me a specific challenge for a photo to make up for the one that I missed.

My sister challenged me to capture something that her and Pamela both have in common.

Now, I could have gone anywhere with this.
They are both the younger of two siblings.
They are both within my very favorite people range.
My sister is a Gemini and Pamela's rising sign is Gemini.
They both like bold colors. Like purple.
They both have a love for the same types of pens.

So I bought a purple pen.

This may sound weird, but it is the one quality I wanted to focus on.
Now, I didn't buy the style of pen that they like, instead I bought a purple pen in the style that I like. Super extra fine.

And another thing they both have in common is that they will both be getting post cards from me. Written in purple ink.


Postcards from this new book of mine.


And everyone knows that new pens are just the best. So I brought out the big ol' roll of paper, and started to write out new ideas and to-do lists.


And at first I thought to myself, that with all of these new colors, I could easily color coordinate and that would be lovely! So organized! So bright and cheery!

Only to realize half way through my list that I was only using the black pen.


Ok, off to bed.

Your black ink loving friend,
Who likes the colors but mostly refuses to use them,

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