Title. Or lack thereof

Good morning afternoon!

More camera issues have kept me busy today. Working on getting that other lens fixed so that I can take pictures again! Right now I am resorting to using the 55-200mm lens to take all of my pictures. The good news is at least I have a lens to be taking pictures with. The bad news is that it is really fucking hard to take pictures with. I have to stand a whole room away in order to capture a good/clear picture. I miss my other lens....

Anyways, here is my picture for the day. My parents got me a tripod for my birthday and so I am now able to be IN my pictures! Next up... A remote for the shutter! I'm gettin' fancy!


Brian and I started playing guitar again and it feels so good! Music is the whole reason we first met, then hung out, then dated, so it is nice to get back into those connections.

I also made another one of these bad boys. With a few minor changes. The original one was my most favorite embroidery/etsy project so far, and it was also my most popular item, so when it sold I decided to make another!


Also, here is my new keyboard. The colors and design I picked out, and Brian picked out the brand and model. Each key has an LED back light so I can type in the dark.



Ok. That's it for today.

Your friend,

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