How Rude & Catching Up

...... Hi

Remember me?

Sorry about that rather rude absence.

We've been a tid bit busy over here and I don't even remember how many pictures I owe you anymore.

Ok I just went back and counted and it looks like I owe you 4 through today. And I have 3 and a half. Not sure how that happened.

Saturday was quite hectic. We had some much needed catch up time with the roommates (which sounds weird, catch-up time? But you live with them. Yes, but it isn't good to only do dishes with them, and say hello in passing, and both us and them had and will continue to be pretty busy, so in order to keep our household happy and content, we need fun time with them as well (longest parenthesis ever?) so we went to our favorite place to get lunch and beer) and after that we had Brian's yearly company dinner in which we dressed up, ate dinner, drank wine, and watched other people win prizes.

We spent Sunday in Portland for Brian's little brother's last culinary competition before he graduates! His team did so well!

Unfortunately... I didn't get pictures of any of the fun stuff. Not any of it!

I did, however, get some pictures of some other things going on over here.

Since our crazy weekend, I've been doing some organizing, and cataloging, and such. Getting papers in order and thoughts and ideas written down. Pre-spring-cleaning I guess.


My new birthday stamp! Thanks, sister! So much fun. I've been playing around with paper and ink and fun colors to try to find what looks best.



And of course, the ever glamorous laundry.

DSC_0012DSC_0007 - Copy

So. Not sure if that spewing of words and pictures quite catches me up, or if I need to do an extra challenge. What do you think?

Your friend that is still here,

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