Here We Go

I know it's been a while. I needed a while.

But I think I'm ready to start this back up again!

Let's see...

The last time I was here I had just started working in my yard again...

Well, I've kind of gone overboard on that. Between the garden and general upkeep of the yard (it is very big... bigger even than my parent's backyard!), it has pretty much taken all of my free time. And surprisingly, I love it. All the overgrown plants got new haircuts and all the weeds are saying their farewells. New flowers are being planted and the garden area is being tilled next weekend. It is a new adventure and I am so excited about it! Oh! And I started a compost pile. Fuck yeah.


We celebrated both of my parent's birthdays... My dad's with home brewed beer and my mom's with home made chocolate chocolate chocolate cake.


We took some tea photos.



Also, my dearest friend Gina and I have started having a craft day every week! It has been all kinds of awesome sharing ideas, inspiring each other, learning new things, and of course spending time with her new baby, Nora!


On top of all that, i'm still loving my job as a math and reading tutor, and I've been embroidering like crazy.




Happy Easter everyone.

See you tomorrow.

Your unreliable friend,
Who really is trying...

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